We’re experts on the UK R&D tax relief legislation for small businesses. That’s it. It’s all we do. We’ve recovered more than £10million in cash in the last two years for hundreds of companies. Most were blissfully unaware they were eligible for this great government scheme.

We know that our ability to help clients secure R&D money creates new jobs and eases cashflow. But that’s not enough for us. We want to help small companies grow into great big ones. Not just by securing cash but by helping them to connect with people who can help make their ambitions come true.

Ethical business is good business and we believe the future of work is in collaboration. So, we also help our clients and partners get publicity and new business through our magazines, radio shows or partnership programmes. 
Here’s how we do it . . . .

We’re here to help innovators and developers get back cash or a tax benefit. R&D tax relief is a great scheme that helps companies who are investing in innovative projects. Unfortunately too many business owners don’t understand the very wide definition of “R&D” in this context and don’t realise they’re missing out, even though the government wants them to apply. A better definition is cash for innovators. We do all the work with no forms to fill in, so they get back what they’re owed quickly and efficiently.

We like to say that every superhero needs a sidekick - Batman has Robin. Harry Potter has Hermione. Sherlock has Watson. We love working collaboratively and our Breakthrough Partnership Programme provides tax relief assistance especially for accountants. It includes CPD-accredited training, technical support, compilation of eligible costs and full HMRC enquiry back up. We work together with our accountant partners every step of the way so their clients get back the maximum tax benefit.

The TechTalk Radio Show showcases the latest in tech from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence and wearables to cyber security and drones. Our experts discuss the latest trends in the sector and give business advice to aspiring start-ups or scaleups. Syndicated to radio stations in the USA and across the UK, and available as weekly podcasts, the programme gives ‘airtime’ and much needed publicity to our tech partners, clients and collaborators.

The FoodTalk Radio Show showcases the latest in FoodTech and promotes artisan producers. Our radio guests discuss the in everything from distribution and delivery to taste science and food waste. Syndicated to increasing numbers of radio stations in the USA and across the UK, it's available as weekly podcasts. Apart from being great fun with lots of tastings, the programme gives much needed publicity to our food partners, clients and collaborators.

Breakthrough Magazine highlights the UK’s unsung manufacturing heroes. The engineers, designers and master craftsmen who are transforming industries with innovative new products and processes. We want to tell their stories and show how their expertise is creating jobs and making a real contribution to business and local communities. Our quarterly magazine features inspiring case studies showing that the world of manufacturing is just as inventive as the digital sector.

We are a key partner and official sponsor of Tech London Advocates. We also head up its FoodTech Working Group. Our aim is to gain a consensus on the definition of “FoodTech” in the UK (see Breakthrough Publications), create a collaborative community of organisations involved, and encourage investment in the sector. This all fits very well with The FoodTalk Show and Awards, and we’re very proud to be a partner in this hugely influential organisation.

We sponsor a series of events each year to encourage more women to strive for business success, to celebrate their wins and to offer support and advice. We try hard to make sure these inspiring events have the most incredible speakers in a relaxed networking environment. We’re delighted to be the sponsors and organisers and we believe it’s an effective way to help women who want to take their business or career to the next level but are not sure where to go for help.  

R&D Tax Relief is a wonderful scheme but the legislative guidance on the HMRC website really is quite difficult to understand. That’s why we’ve written and published “The Definitive Guide to R&D Tax Relief” for our clients and “The Accountants Guide to R&D Tax Relief” for accountants. We also want to attract more investment into the FoodTech sector, so our book “FoodTech UK” shows why investors should get involved. Each can be downloaded free from our websites or bought on Amazon.

The TechTalk 22 is chosen by a panel of industry experts covering AR, VR, AI, drones, gaming, gadgets and IoT. It’s their annual pick of the most original, exciting and innovative tech companies in the UK. The FoodTalk Awards celebrate FoodTech and all sorts of innovation in the world of food. We started both awards to ensure our innovators and disruptors get the profile they deserve. Even so, we never dreamed they’d be such a huge success.

About our Founder and CEO, Sue Nelson


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